Vauxhall Ampera 30-day satisfaction guarantee

Vauxhall Ampera 30 day return

Vauxhall Ampera 30 day return

From today, Vauxhall Ampera buyers will benefit from a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, meaning that you can buy it, try it, and if it doesn’t suit, simply return it within 30 days, no questions asked – and even the batteries are included!

This latest introduction adds to an array of stress-busting attributes the 2012 European Car of the Year already delivers, such as….

Zero range anxiety – thanks to its ground breaking propulsion system the Ampera is the only electric car suitable for all journeys.  Electricity stored within the battery powers the wheels for up to 50 miles, this is sufficient for 85 per cent of daily commutes in the UK.  However what really sets the Ampera apart is its on-board range extender (a small petrol engine) which seamlessly engages to generate electricity for longer journeys boosting the range by a further 310 miles.

Zero fuel anxiety – lithium-ion battery technology means you have the potential to run on battery power 100 per cent of the time, therefore bypassing the pumps and ever-rising petrol prices.

Zero VED / congestion charge – its green credentials ensure that the car is exempt from road tax and congestion charge.

Zero ownership anxiety – Vauxhall’s unique Lifetime Warranty** offers owners complete peace of mind throughout their ownership of the car.

And now, thanks to the 30 day ‘Love it or Return it’ scheme, the Ampera comes complete with Zero purchase anxiety.