G-Wiz Electric Car



GoinGreen, the leader in the UK electric vehicle (EV) market.  GoinGreen launched the emission-free G-Wiz dc drive in London in May 2004 and in June 2006 introduced the G-Wiz ac drive and now there is the G-Wiz i, which benefits from improvements in safety, comfort and performance.

The G-Wiz i has a top speed certified at 50mph and a range of up to 48 miles per charge but what really marks the G-Wiz i from other electric vehicles is its swift acceleration to 30mph (60% quicker than its nearest competitor). This superior torque enables the G-Wiz i to easily keep up with London traffic and to cope with hills. The G-Wiz i is also upgradeable to high-performance lithium-ion batteries, which are designed to increase range significantly.

After extensive customer feedback Reva Electric Car Company (RECC), the manufacturer of the G-Wiz, has collaborated with GoinGreen in creating this new generation G-Wiz and the key points are:

Safety - working with Lotus Engineering, RECC has introduced a new safety package to the G-Wiz i, frontal crash tested at 25mph city speed. Safety features include front and side impact protection, a strengthened space frame, a collapsible steering column, a hill rolling restraint feature and new front disc brakes that deliver a 30% improvement in braking performance.
Comfort - the advanced ac drivetrain results in extra power but more smoothly, whilst the new roomier cabin layout and a curved windshield provides a more comfortable driving position and improved vision.
Performance - the G-Wiz has always been small and nippy making it ideal for congested urban roads. With its tiny turning circle and superior torque the G-Wiz i is so easy to manoeuvre, simple to park and fun to drive.

The G-Wiz i has a colour-impregnated and fully recyclable body; standard co

lours include marine blue, lightning silver or deep black. A range of extras includes a DAB radio / CD with mp3 player input and climate control seats. It comes with a two-year warranty, one-year roadside recovery and a choice of service packages. The 2+2 seat G-Wiz is in the lowest insurance group and is exempt from the London congestion charge and on top of all this, the fuel bill for a year’s electricity will cost less than the price of a tank of petrol (£40-50).

In May 2009, the G-Wiz will be available with a lithium ion battery option, which further increases the vehicles range and top speed.

Statistics – G-Wiz i

  • Top Speed: 50 mph
  • Range: 40-48 miles
  • Charge time: 2.5 to 8hrs
  • Kerb Weight: 665 kg
  • Torque: 52Nm
  • Batteries: 8 x 6v Lead Acid Batteries
  • Seats: 2+2
  • Price: £8,895 inc VAT
  • Insurance Group: 1
  • Warranty: 24 months