Electric car sales disappoint Renault

Electric Zoe Supermini Drives The Change

Electric Zoe Supermini Drives The Change

Renault plans shift in marketing strategy with upcoming Zoe to combat poor electric car sales.

Sales of electric cars are causing disappointment inside Renault, and the firm wants to adopt a more successful marketing strategy to combat a lack of interest from buyers.

“We need to communicate the autonomy of the vehicles,” said Renault marketing boss Stephen Norman, “and let people know more about what they can do. I think people invent constraints the cars don’t have.”

Although it’s market leader in the European electric car market, sales are not high enough globally. “Our next task is to get up off our backsides and sell them,” said Norman, “not talk about what we’re going to be doing in 2030. There are so many messages to transmit on the electric car, we need to make the push.”

Renault will launch the Renault Zoe next year with a campaign centred on the silence of the drivetrain, a theme it will use for all of its electric cars. While Norman admitted people won’t buy them solely because they’re silent, it’s a quality that suggests engineering excellence and efficiency. “People need to drive it, too” said Norman, referring to the Zoe. “It’s ever so quick, and the brakes are very powerful.”